FAQs Frequently Asked Questions Accounting Services  Here are some of the Benefits and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, the FAQ's of outsourcing your Accounting,  Bookkeeping and Tax needs to White Lotus Accounting Services:

Cost Savings Benefits

  • You reduce overheads by not having to pay the high cost of employee benefits.
  • Direct savings include Canada Pension and Employment Insurance premiums, overtime, vacation pay, sick leave, and superannuation on wages.
  • You pay only for the actual time incurred, so you’re not paying an employee for downtime on a ‘slow day at work’.
  • All costs are deductible.
  • HST on fees are recaptured as Input Tax Credits.
  • In quiet times for your business, you’re not paying for another full-time staff member that you may not need.
  • There's no need to invest in expensive specialized computer hardware and accounting software licenses.
  • We can customize a fixed monthly fee package based on your Accounting needs.
  • You don’t have to waste your valuable time hiring and training an employee to do your accounting and bookkeeping.  Additionally, subsequently finding the employee leaves before you see any benefit or recoup those costs.
  • You don’t have to search for, interview, train and replace in-house bookkeepers as they move on.

Financial Reporting, Compliance and Transparency Benefits

  • You maintain a consistency in your accounting practices.
  • Working together, your accounting professional can help optimize your operations, improve cash flow and increase your bottom line.
  • Additionally, you're provided with financial reports and financial statements.
  • Based on the options and service agreement you chose, reports are provided monthly, quarterly or annually.

Benefits of Working with Mary Pougnet

QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor

  • You're working with a fully trained professional, an expert in their field;  experienced in a wide variety of business environments and diverse industries.
  • You receive the benefit of quality, financial oversight from a seasoned and highly experienced professional. Mary Pougnet can assist you with your business startup, accounting system startup or conversion, daily operations, or your expansion.

Certified Receipt Bank Partner
Certified Receipt Bank Partner

  • You receive the benefit of Mary's 35 + years of experience in finance and business.
  • I bring to you not only my Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping experience, but my many years of experience as a busy Entrepreneur like you, where I co-owned and operated a multi-million dollar wholesale and remanufacturing export business.
  • I know the ins and outs of owning and operating a business; the ups and downs, the staffing challenges, the financial challenges, the overheads that have to be met before you, the owner are able to pay yourself.
  • I'm well versed in the constant push for sales and more profit; the need for reporting to the banks to keep your credit lines open, the risks, the rewards.

Quickbooks Platinum ProAdvisor

  • I’ve lived it myself … which is why I view your business with an eye to optimizing your operations.  I'm focused on minimizing your taxes and maximizing your profits.  Ultimately, I focus on saving you valuable time and saving you money.

Your Key to Success

Mary Pougnet The Key to Entrepreneurial Success


What Differentiates Mary Pougnet from other providers?

  • I’ve lived it and done it with my own multi-million dollar, successful businesses.
  • This most certainly separates me from other accounting and bookkeeping providers.  Many who simply enter data and numbers.  Others lack the solid real life business building and financial management experience.
  • I have the expertise to assist and guide you in all your business activities.
  • I’ll take the headache and confusion out of managing your business finances, accounting and taxes.
  • You’ll be able to concentrate and focus on doing what you do best.
  • You focus on the highest and best use of your time, growing your business.
  • Rest secure in the knowledge that your financial house will be in order by working with Mary Pougnet.


Let's get started.