Have you ever wondered “Why” people do the work they do? 


Please allow me to briefly share a bit of my “Why” with you.  In brief, why is Mary Pougnet dedicated to helping Solopreneurs and Corporations succeed in the highest and best way possible?  Read on to learn what motivates me to do what I do.

I truly understand the business owners' perspective and all the unique challenges that you, the business owner face each day.  I say this because my experience is also ‘solid and real’ business, finance and accounting experience. In the trenches, hands on experience.  Experience gained from over 37 years in this field.

For the most part, this type of experience and knowledge is a key factor lacking with many other providers.  Unfortunately, all too often, I see the results from those who simply enter data or fill in the blanks.  Seriously, that reminds me of the old Paint by Numbers kits for kids!

I’m extremely good at what I do.  I have lots and lots of experience ‘fixing’ things for clients.  However, I’m only human.  I’d be remiss not mentioning there are times I cringe a little, feeling a wee bit frustrated.  Certainly, I’ll fix everything for the client and get them on track.  That’s one part of what I do.  Yet at the same time, I'm always saddened knowing another service provider failed them.  It happens every time a new client comes to me for help fixing work product incorrectly done by others.  Similarly, the same goes with incorrectly done tax returns.  Which again, goes directly back to the lack of experience, knowledge and ‘fill in the blanks’ issues I mentioned earlier.

"Fill in the blank" bookkeeping in no way gives your business the stable, sustainable foundation required to succeed and flourish.  Nor is believing that the 'lowest priced provider' will be enough to serve your needs.  Unequivocally, the cheapest is not the best.  In fact, focusing on going cheap and low cost will ultimately cost any business far more in the long run.  At least, in my experience.  Alternatively, trying the old DIY or 'do it yourself' thing doesn't work for long either.  That will definitely cost a business more in the long run.

A business needs accurate, understandable, compliant and reliable financial records.  In reality, accurate financials are an essential foundation in building a successful business.

So Who is Mary Pougnet?

Mary Pougnet of White Lotus Accounting Services

I’m a person who enjoys the intricacies of starting, growing and sustaining a successful business.  I understand the entrepreneurial spirit very well.  Allow me full disclosure here, I'm an Entrepreneur at heart.  I'll also share that I'm a highly Spiritual person, viewing all of life from a Holistic perspective.  My core, essential nature embodies a Holistic, Conscious and Mindful perspective in life and work.  That being said, I'm also very much a Realist, viewing all from both a macro and micro perspective.

More importantly, I know the importance in having a solid, stable financial foundation supporting your business.  A financial foundation capable of supporting your business throughout all phases of its evolution.  Starting right from the start-up phase to sustaining your ongoing daily operations.  Furthermore, a solidly stable foundation is vital to support the growth phases and strategic expansion of your business.

My Creative Side

I’ve often said my creativity is in business and finance, even though I realize this may sound unusual to some.  I love working with people to build successful businesses while improving the bottom line.  Quite simply, it’s what I enjoy!

In my opinion, a successful business isn’t about the gross revenues that so many people focus on. Rather, at the end of the day, it’s about what sticks to the bottom line.  Essentially, what's most important are the dollars you keep in your pocket, aka, the bottom line.  Personal ego appears to drive the attachment in using high gross revenues as a benchmark of success.  Conversely, those guided by wisdom recognize how much money sticks to their bottom line is most important.

However, I’m also well versed in the challenges and pitfalls which many business owners can face.

I’m a highly experienced Entrepreneur.  I co-owned and operated a multi-million dollar wholesale and remanufacturing export business for 25+ years with my former partner.  A very successful business grown quite literally 'from the ground up’ as they say. Successful and subsequently expanding to build my own manufacturing facility for the business operations.  I'm grateful I had the background experience, with my business and financial knowledge many years before starting that business!

Sounds cool doesn’t it?  Sure it does when one looks only at the surface.

However with growth comes even more of those challenges I mentioned earlier.  Those ever present challenges came regardless of whether sales were up or down, market conditions were stable or volatile. Challenges came whether money was tight or freely flowing, often seeming to increase especially when funds were tighter.

The stark reality was that I had 28 of my own employees to pay each week.  Add on costly overheads to meet each month, equipment to maintain, repair or replace.  Plus operations and production flow to manage, quality control and staff to manage. Finally, endless documentation, reports, customs export documents for each shipment, accounting and taxes to get done each day.  Everything needing to be done and all obligations met, regardless whether business was in an upswing or a slow period.  Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

I know what it takes to sustain a successful business and to operate it hands on.

I know and understand the challenges, the risks, the pressures and the rewards of owning and operating your own business.

Bookkeeping System Accounting Services Ottawa
Is this how your current bookkeeping system makes you feel?

I've seen the results when people rely on the 'Paint by Numbers' type of financial provider. I’ve seen when they try to ignore the increasing mess of paperwork gathering in a shoe box, bills piling up.  Things are ignored until they run into difficulties, of which there are too many to enumerate here.

As a busy Individual or Entrepreneur, you want to spend your valuable time growing your business and maximizing your revenues.

Or simply enjoying the rewards of working for yourself, spending real time away from your business with family and friends. Taking time for your own 'TLC'. 

Balance in Life Bookkeeping Services Ottawa

It's a safe bet to say you don't want to be worrying about getting the paperwork done.  Nor worrying about getting your employees, bills and taxes paid on time, your reports and remittances filed on time.  I’m sure you don’t want to waste time worrying about get your Tax Returns done the right way either.  Neither do you want to pay too much income tax, just because you 'didn't know'.

Not wondering at the end of the day if you’re really making the money you think you are. 

Nor worrying, wondering where you’ll find the time to ‘get it all done’.  Then worrying if it's being done right.  It becomes an endless loop, trying to juggle it all.

I've "been there, done that" myself, wearing multiple hats and doing it all.  Working 24/7, juggling priorities and responsibilities, roles and family, rarely sleeping more than 4 hours a night.

Here's one of the most important takeaways I learned long ago and a question I often ask clients. "What's the highest and best use of your time?"   If what you're doing isn't your area of expertise, outsource the work to an expert.

Your accounting professional is a vital partner in your businesses growth and will ensure your financial records are in order.  She'll provide you with the financial information, the critical foundation necessary to make your business decisions and optimize your growth.

Why struggle when you already have an ever growing list of responsibilities and you're stretched thin?

Quickbooks Platinum ProAdvisorContact White Lotus Accounting Services today.  Let an experienced Accounting Professional handle the financial and tax details and paperwork that consume your time.  By doing so, you're free to concentrate and focus on what you do best.  Building and growing your business.