How a Successful Business is Like the Lotus Flower

What Does Running a Successful Business Have in Common with the Lotus Flower?


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The Lotus is a sign of wisdom, intelligence, knowledge & strength, a symbol of life itself.

Beautiful and pristine on the surface, the white Lotus flower actually grew in a dark, somewhat inhospitable environment. It began as a seed deep in the mud, and pushed its way up to the light. On its journey, it took from the mud the best of what was on offer, left the rest behind, and eventually broke through the surface of the murky waters, opening and unfolding its’ petals to fully blossom.

Like the Lotus flower, a successful business must move through the murky waters and continual challenges it faces.  Despite adversities and challenges, it strives to break through the dark ‘mud’ and blossom into the fullness and strength of a successful business.

The Lotus therefore personifies resilience, perseverance, and strength in the face of adversity.

A successful business develops in much the same way.

While the intention for the business may be pristine and clear, the environment in which it grows may become murky due to many factors.

Over my 40-year career, I have seen numerous types of “mud” get in the way of clients’ success.

For example:

  • Life and health events

    Health challenges, lack of sleep, eating poorly or overeating, depression, stress and overwhelm. One’s own negative beliefs, others’ opinions about their chances of success; low self-worth, fear of failure — or the opposite a fear of success. Guilt over not spending enough time with family, child care issues, relationship breakdown, separation or divorce;

  • Lack of financial literacy

    Poor cash and banking management, no cash flow, significantly high banking and non-sufficient funds [NSF] fees, high credit card debt and interest charges. Unfiled tax returns, unsettling letters from government authorities such as the Canada Revenue Agency [CRA] or the U.S. Internal Revenue Service [IRS]); and

  • Business setbacks

    Uncollected and/or uncollectable receivables; higher than budgeted operating expenses, inadequate financing or no financing at all for business needs; inability to get business financing; failure to plan for sales tax and income tax liabilities; costly equipment breakdowns and repairs; key employee turnover or supplier production issues; missed project or product fulfillment deadlines incurring large penalties.

However, when one reaches out for the right help, the way becomes clear and the business can flourish and expand in a fiscally healthy, sustainable manner.

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I therefore take a holistic approach to helping my clients — clearing away the “mud” blocking their success, cultivating a healthy, compliant, transparent and sustainable business, and proudly watching the business bloom.

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