Announcing My New Mini Postcards!

I’m really pleased with the design and colors of my new mini postcards!


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To begin with, it’s been quite an intense journey the past few months re-branding my entire business. Countless hours have gone into choosing my new business name and domain name alone.  Never one to ‘follow the herd’, I wanted my business name and new color templates to better reflect the fullness of ‘Me’, aligning with what I love.

I’m a highly Spiritual Being whose daily work happens to be in the more linear field of accounting, bookkeeping and taxation.  Quite naturally, I’ve always gently and subtly integrated my Spirituality with my work. That’s simply who I am, it’s as natural as breathing for me.  As a result, I bring a Holistic perspective to all I do.

Mary Pougnet Labor of Love
Mary Pougnet’s Labor of Love

Above all, designing my new business cards and building out my new website, White Lotus Accounting Services has been a labor of love.  Fortunately it has been a ‘labor of love’ as hundreds of hours have gone into the entire process!

So yes, I’m thrilled with how everything has come together.  Therefore, these mini postcards are another piece of the whole project while fully representing me. They’re actually a condensed version of my newly re-branded business cards, without the more personal data.  I did this quite deliberately.  In fact I designed these in this manner in an effort to avoid my information being used by the spammers.  I’m extremely careful of privacy and security concerns, hence my decision by directing people to contact me through my website.

Well hopefully this will help do that! ✨✨???✨✨